The Flow of Nature


{Computer Generated Visual, Digital Prints, Responsive E-Textile, Animation, Data Visualization}

The Flow of Nature is a one-year project about the twenty-four solar terms in traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars. During the creation, Liu Chang created a series of visualization of solar terms based on each term’s climate features, agricultural transitions, and cultural contexts. Artist Liu Chang uses Processing (an open-source programming tool) as her tool to create 24 different dynamic patterns. All the patterns are a looped animation moved forward by time-based weather natural phenomena. The project is in collaboration with screenprint studio Happytown Studio based in Chengdu. In this collaboration, Liu Chang explores various reactive paints to screen print the patterns on paper and fabrics. The prints will react based on different conditions, such as temperature, UV, water, etc., which also correspond to the idea of visualizing the procedure of time change and climate change. In the data visualization version, Chang applies historical weather data to the sketches to visualize the annual change in global climate.

Video Series: