Social Clinic


{Performance, Performing Installation, Conceptual, Interactive}


Social Clinic is a research-based project, in collaboration with Oryan Inbar, Ava Huang in NYU-ITP. This project was initiated by us from a class called "Computation and Conversation".


We live in a world that is full of different types of communications. The need for social skills increases as conversation and technology rapidly evolves around us and influences our behavior.

Social Clinic facilitates as a conceptual institution that discovers people's potential social symptoms by face recognition and online survey, then provide "patients" a solution/treatment which are mostly a conversation prompts, an interaction metaphor as "Medicine" for social issues.


Hardware: Fabrication, Arduino, Thermal Printer

Software: Javascript, Computer Vision, Node.js

Fabrication: Laser Cutting

Design: Logo, Clinic Design


Convohack, Baby Castle, New York, U.S;

ITP Spring Show 2015, New York, U.S;

Yami-Ichi Internet Market, New York, U.S;


NYTIMES, Hyperallergic, Shanghai Daily Newspaper